Jeff M, 19 May 2017

To all of you, I am currently deployed to (redacted) as part of a Special Forces Operational Detachment. We have been very busy out here in the Desert. We received a care package yesterday from Adopt a Soldier Platoon and we were all very excited to see what was inside. I want to thank everybody […]

Commanding Officer, May 11, 2017

Thank you for the wonderful gift you recently sent to the crew of the USS George H. W. Bush. We have distributed the gifts from Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon throughout the ship, and our Sailors are already enjoying them. On behalf of our entire crew, please accept my sincere gratitude. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are deeply appreciated.

LT David R

Team Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon Inc. and associates, Thank you so much for the work you do raising morale for our men and women in uniform. We here on the USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH (CVN 77) recently received a mountain of care packages from your team and I wanted to write and let you know where […]

First Sgt, 31 Dec 2016, AFG

Thank you for the wonderful boxes that you all sent to us here in Bagram. We appreciate all we receive but often we get an overabundance of candy and things that we try to stay away from. But the stuff you all sent, the Keurig, the ibuprofen, the crackers, etc… we truly appreciate it and […]

Larry E, 31 Dec 2016, AFG

I would like to thank you for your support of our unit, (unit name redacted). The numerous boxes of holiday cookies, candy, and decorations have brought a little taste of home to our offices and workplaces. The holidays are especially trying for deployed personnel as they cope with the stresses of the environment as well […]

Katie, 30 Dec 2016 AFG

Good morning! I wanted to send a very heartfelt THANK YOU for all of the amazing goodies in the care packages sent by your organization! Our unit has been blown away by the generosity, from the toiletries, to the snacks, to the Kuerig! Being here this time of year has been tough on our Soldiers, […]

Kyle, AFG, 17 Oct 2015

All, Thank you so much for the gifts. Everybody here ALWAYS gets giddy when we know an “Adopt-A-Soldier-Platoon” package arrives 🙂 William, Thanks for the fresh roasted K-cups. Coffee is essential in these neck of the woods! Lynne, Having this Keurig machine will greatly impact the speed at which coffee enters our systems– to which […]

Jeff, AFG 7-10-15

I wanted to take a minute to thank Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon for your generous donations of your time and supplies to our team. We have reached out to the groups listed on your note to thank them as well, but if you see them, please let them know how much we appreciate their support. We are […]

Angela, AFG 19 June 2015

Thank you for sending all of the wonderful items. They were enjoyed by the many deployed Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. We truly appreciated the Girl Scout cookies, the Jelly Beans, the Keurig, the K-Cups, the coffee, the TRX, along with all of the other great snacks. Although I have now redeployed, please know that […]