SFC C, AFG, 22 May 2015

I was very surprised to open a huge box this evening containing a Keurig coffeemaker. My guys and I are completely overwhelmed. And holy jelly beans! Those are being devoured as I write this. We are grateful or the coffeemaker. We are grateful for the jelly beans. However, what we are most grateful for are […]

James H, AFG 13 May 2015

I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone from all of our hearts who sent us: the coffee, snacks/goodies, Teanie Beanies jelly beans, Girl Scott cookies, for all the packages, and the Unilever Foundation. We really appreciate all the love, efforts and time put in to making this possible. The Soldiers and […]

Keith, 11 May 2015

Just had the privilege of opening your CARE PAX ….AWESOME – THNX!!!! Our mission here is simple – to protect the defend the national security interests of the United States from violent extremist organizations and other potential threats in East Africa and to create a secure environment that promotes stability, good governance, and continued development. […]

Lee, AFG, 11 May 2015

We at the (redacted) would like to thank you for your generosity and kindness. We received three packages which were filled with candy bars, coffee, toiletry items, girl scout cookies, and teanie beanies via the “Adopt A Soldier Platoon,” which will undoubtedly keep spirits higher among the Soldiers here. It is with a profound sense […]

Mike P, AFG, 9 May 2015

Thanks again for keeping the morale of all deployed service members on the front page, Adopt A Soldier Platoon, I would like to send my heartfelt gratitude for your generosity and hard work on behalf of myself and all who have benefited from your kindness. The care packages that you send provide happiness and comfort […]

Tony W, AFG, 6 May 2015

Thanks for the packages. We received them yesterday and the Soldiers have thoroughly enjoyed them already. From the GS cookies, to the gourmet jelly beans, to the fresh roasted coffee, and the mixed packages of snacks and goodies, the Soldiers and leaders of (redacted) really appreciate your generosity and are extremely grateful for your support. […]

SMSgt P, AFG, 1 May 2015

We received a package here yesterday from your org and, though addressed to the person who was supposed to be here, but whose place I took, I wanted to convey my sincere thanks. I intend to send a separate message to the members spelled out in the letter you enclosed in the package. If you […]

Mike, IRQ, 21 Feb 2015

All, Christmas has arrived in Erbil! Mail has finally made its way here, and the team is motivated and thankful for all your kindness and support! Items received: 9 boxes from AaSP which included three Keurig’s, coffee, TRXs, and a lot of other items. We are setting conditions to deliver the socks to the Peshmerga. […]