Tony W, AFG, 6 May 2015

Thanks for the packages. We received them yesterday and the Soldiers have thoroughly enjoyed them already. From the GS cookies, to the gourmet jelly beans, to the fresh roasted coffee, and the mixed packages of snacks and goodies, the Soldiers and leaders of (redacted) really appreciate your generosity and are extremely grateful for your support. […]

SMSgt P, AFG, 1 May 2015

We received a package here yesterday from your org and, though addressed to the person who was supposed to be here, but whose place I took, I wanted to convey my sincere thanks. I intend to send a separate message to the members spelled out in the letter you enclosed in the package. If you […]

Mike, IRQ, 21 Feb 2015

All, Christmas has arrived in Erbil! Mail has finally made its way here, and the team is motivated and thankful for all your kindness and support! Items received: 9 boxes from AaSP which included three Keurig’s, coffee, TRXs, and a lot of other items. We are setting conditions to deliver the socks to the Peshmerga. […]

Kassandra, AFG, 9 Feb 2015

Thank you so much for the wonderful care packages! The Keurig is now referred to as the Ferrari as it has mostly replaced a much older machine we had in here. The TRX was a huge hit; the guys went nuts when they saw them. Those came at the right time as they also replaced […]

Patrick, 8 Feb 2015

See that smile? That’s the smile of my internet communications specialist who gets to hook an Xbox to that TV in the background. Of course, now I have to worry about my admin and ops folks getting distracted…I guess I can use this as a carrot for more productivity like I do with my kids […]

Chief J, 5 Feb 2015

Just had the privilege of opening your CARE PAX…AWESOME – THNX!!! We are US NAVY SEABEES stationed at Camp Lemonnier – Djibouti, Africa. Our mission here is simple – to protect and defend the national security interests of the United States from violent extremist organizations and other potential threats in East Africa and to create […]

Charlie O, USAF, 5 Feb 2015

We received the video games today! Thanks so much, I distributed them to the sections that have Xboxes and put one in our Patient Relaxation Area. Thanks so much! The gamers here were very happy to have a new game to pass the time with! Thanks for everything your organization does for us deployed warriors!

CPT J, 4 Feb 2015

Guys — Got the TRX system today, wow, AWESOME!!!! it went right to our S1 OIC, he is a fellow college football player and he does a super job of incorporating different individuals into a proper PT mentality. this is an invaluable gift and will be cherished here as well as at home, unless it […]