From the FRONT: 14 Dec

I am wanting to let you know how much you, your care package goodies, and your note are appreciated.   You obviously have a well organized drive!     I really appreciated the coconut water!

For the past month a large part of everyday for me has been given to care package receiving and dispersal.    Many boxes get handed out intact.    Even more get opened, sorted, and then dispersed from our chapel via people coming into the chapel and getting what they want, others that don’t attend chapel stop by our porch for coffee, hot chocolate and “goodies”.    Your boxes got a lot of “oohs and ahs” from those helping me when I opened it.

Most of your cards disappeared within 4 days.    There might be more, but the card area is kind of a mess at the moment, hence the hard job comment.    The stockings are received with a deep appreciation of the effort put into them.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a day of just that.    I hope you were surrounded by loved ones.    I chose to eat lunch with some Afghani vendors instead of the huge spread at the Chow hall.    I sat on the floor of the shop with them and ate from a large bowl of rice with my right hand.  I trust my Heavenly Father to take care of the germs!

I have attached a photo from today of a small group of soldiers from one of our worship services.    I am sorry there are no boxes in the photo.    I had to move three tables for the photo.    Be assured, there were care package items on two of them.   (The tables were in too much disarray for the photo op. )    But, your goods made into very appreciative hands and mouths!

Merry Christmas!   Please inform all those that contributed, “HOOAH!”  They are Great!



From the FRONT: 21 Nov

First, I wanted to extend my appreciation from myself and the whole Unit Ministry Team down here in (location redacted) for your care package. We did receive the first “Test” box and it was a wonderful treat for us and the Soldiers down here. It’s been pretty busy over here, but I was able to get a picture of some of the Soldiers your care package helped make a better day for. We are all still adjusting to being away from home and knowing someone is thinking about us helps make it easier.

Again, we appreciate what the Adopt-a Soldier Platoon, Inc does when it comes to working with service members.

Thank you,   Jordan.


From the FRONT: 16 NOV

I just want to thank you amazing folks for all the support and great care packages throughout our deployment. We are going to be leaving and rotating back home soon (which we are all excited about)!!! I just wanted to drop a note and photo of our team for you guys to share amongst the organization to put a face to (unit name redacted).

I’ll be giving the inbound team your information, if you are ok with it. They are coming out of (location redacted).

I hope you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!! v/r Francisco, FOB Nunyer


From the FRONT: 9 NOV

I just wanted to send a personal thanks from myself, my team and our patients for your support and donation out here at (unit redacted). We have already handed out or consumed roughly 120 cups of coffee with the Keurig you sent us, and the projector will be used for many movie nights/to help paint our patch on the front fence. The candy has been divided among different shops and we sent a box forward with candy, some of the food bars and toys to (another) location to assist in the humanitarian aid mission and to help the kids they see. I am waiting on the mail folks to come around (we haven’t seen them in a month) so we can send mail out. I’ve attached a few pictures and will send more as time permits… We are limited on where we can take photos unfortunately, but I am sure we can make it happen!

Again, thank you so much, you have drastically improved our morale and situation. Truly appreciated. People like you and your team remind us of why we are out here, and it makes me even more proud to be an American knowing people such as yourself are behind us.

Sincerely, Devin, FOB Nunyer

From the FRONT: 21 Oct

(name redacted)’s unit returned home, but we were able to open your package.  We’re the (unit redacted) out of (town, State redacted).  I’ve seen the previous packages you sent to (name redacted) and I wanted to say thank you for your support.  You put together a wonderful organization and in my opinion have the BEST […]

From the FRONT: 21 Oct

To All the Members of the Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, Inc. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for each and every one of you.  Countless times you have made a world of difference to me and my Soldiers.  We can’t thank you enough for all the snacks, toiletries, coffee, cups, etc you have provided this year.  […]


From the FRONT: 23 Sept

Just sitting here this evening thinking of how awesome you and your team are to us with all your support and prayers. Although there is so much happening as we are out here conducting operations I personally am thankful for you guys. Knowing that you guys are thinking of us and making a difference. Once again thanks from our unit to yours. “De Oppresso Liber”
Larry 9-23-19


From the FRONT: 5 Sept

We received 2 care packages on your behalf including the Keurig Coffee maker and the coffee cups from Subaru.  Together they have done a lot to increase our morale, seeing that coffee is the juice that gets us going in the morning. The tuna packets are a pleasant alternative for the days we are stuck with MRE’s.

We can’t begin to express our gratitude for all the thoughtful items you and your partners have sent us.  The fig bars go pretty quickly and the hygiene products are scooped up by people who need them within minutes.

We plan on having a cigar night later this week, I’ll be sure to include photos of the team enjoying them.

On behalf of the (team redacted) thank you!!!!    **Here I am pictured drinking coffee**

Francisco, 5 Sept 2019


From the FRONT: 27 Aug

HyperIce products have arrived (along with a metric butt-ton of tuna!) and are all intact and functional. All are charging right now, will take pictures over the next couple of days of the products in use. Already have my first customer for the Venom heat/massage belt!   Thanks so much for the hook-up, this will be HUGE for keeping the Marines in tip-top form!  Dr. B

CHECK IT OUT!  Here is the equipment in action! Pictures from 9 September 2019.