From the FRONT: 12 Mar

“Good day! What an amazing day out to sea! The photos attached are just some of those that were taken with all of the items you have support the crew with!!  While some of this may be a repeat for Krutch, I would like to start off by thanking all you for your graciousness to […]

REDC thankU_3-5-24-S

From the FRONT: 5 MAR

We received a wonderful Thank You card from one of our Adoptees in Eastern Europe, The Red Cross.  Special thanks to Lorie, Lindsay and their team for the awesome Thank You card!  we are so proud to support your efforts with our Troops over there.  Thanks for what you do!!!


From the FRONT: 21 Sept

“AaSP – this is our guys out here right after we did a 9/11 memorial wod.  that flag we held has been folded in the back of my plate carrier since I joined the army. It felt like a good occasion to bring it out for a picture. Again thank you for everything not just cause I’m getting goodies but I can see the morale on my men’s faces when they open the boxes. it means a lot especially since this is a first deployment for a lot of these guys. (this picture can be posted).”  Jared


From the FRONT: 9 Sept

“Thank you soo so much please extend our gratitude!  The smiles on the Soldiers faces here when we get snacks and care packages is awesome!!  These boxes are some of the best I’ve ever seen, Alan and the team are very appreciated!”

How cool is this?  From our Adoptee in a very dangerous part of the world right now.  Just look at the smiles on their faces!  That’s why we love doing what we do!!!   Merica!



From the FRONT: 21 July

OUR NEWEST ADOPTEE – the USS Bataan (LDH-5). They recently departed on their deployment and we’re honored and privileged to support them!! We just offered them some TRXs and Keurig machines (our idea, not theirs! This note came in this morning.
The crew really enjoyed everything that you sent. We have some cigar smokers onboard and they will love that. TRX tactical kits would be a huge win. The Navy runs off coffee lol and energy drinks. Thank you for all your support we are just out here doing our part and being safe. Thank you for all the well wishes and God Bless you all too. CMC


From the FRONT: 18 July

Thank you and your people so much for their support throughout B CO’s time in Europe. We met some wonderful people, conducted hard and realistic training with NATO allies, and experienced a different part of the world. No matter the era and how modern we are presently, Soldiers’ faces still light up when they get mail. We truly appreciate the efforts and generosity of the Adopt a Soldier Platoon. Who knows, may do it again in a couple years. We’ll see where the Army takes us. Respectfully, Bubba


From the FRONT: 27 Aug

“I would like to thank you for your continued generosity sending care packages to the Soldiers of (name/location redacted). It seems the longer we have been deployed the more Soldiers look forward to mail call – particularly because of care packages from your organization and others like it. I cannot emphasis enough how much of a morale booster it is when the unit receive care packages.
It is a highlight for me as a leader to let Soldiers know we have received care packages and see the excitement.
Thank you again for all you are doing to support us! Very Respectfully, Spencer “


From the FRONT: 27 July

“Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon Volunteers and Sponsors,
My Soldiers and I would like to thank you for your generous donation of gifts and time to send us care packages. We greatly appreciate the packages, as our current location is austere, and we have limited access to many familiar American products. Mail day is a high point for all our Soldiers, because – even if a Soldier is not getting a package or letter from friends or family – they know there will be a few care packages from your organization and others like it for their company.
As a commander, it is great to see the joy brought by these packages to my Soldiers. Whenever I notify my Soldiers that a care package has arrived from Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, my Soldiers immediately swarm the company to see what gifts and treats have come in and the box is empty within ten minutes. Attached are pictures of many of my Soldiers after distributing out the treats, gifts, and hygiene products.
Thank you again for your continued support of our Soldiers, the United States Army, and our Nation. Very Respectfully, CPT P”


From the FRONT: 19 July

“Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity! We are so blessed to have the use of the Keurig and the KCups you’ve sent. You may have heard that the Infantry runs on caffeine and we go through coffee like crazy. The Keurig makes it a little quicker than brewing a full pot when people are in a rush; we have it set up in our chapel so it gets used before/after chapel service on Sundays, as well as during our weekly Bible studies, other meetings that we host throughout the week, and as people rush in and out throughout the day. Thanks for expanding our work here and supporting us on deployment. We are infinitely grateful.

I stuck a thank-you card in the mail the last time our mail team was here, which probably won’t arrive for another month, but thanks again for your support! We also appreciate the little toy cars and the notebooks, which get snatched up quickly.”
Chaplain R.


Subaru of America Share the Love

For the last eight years, Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon has been honored to be a local Subaru Share the Love charity for Liberty Subaru of Emerson, NJ.  The end of year 2020 event was no different and AaSP was fortunate enough to receive over $47,000 from Subaru of America and Liberty Subaru.  The monies will go to […]