DHL 2018 Live Xmas Trees for Our Troops


Early December 2018 — It started at Dee’s Nursery in Oceanside, NY. Over 500 live Xmas trees were brought down from the Dee’s tree farm in Maine to their Nursery, where children from local schools, Veterans, Police officers, local Troop organizations and employees from DHL Express gathered to give them a great send-off to DHL’s Gateway at Kennedy Airport in NYC. The trees were sent off that week to Afghanistan via their hubs in Cincinnati and Bahrain. Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon was honored to provide distribution contacts in Afghanistan, where the trees were sent out to units in many locations. It’s been a tradition for over a decade.

The trees were in country in less than 3 days!!!! We call it “Big Yellow Lightning!” Thank you DHL Express and Dee’s Nursery for this outstanding Operation!