GS Cookie Pack – Impact Day – 7 June 2019


—>> ABC-NY Video on this pack released Monday, July 8 <<—click on this sentence.

On Friday, June 7, a team from Deloitte’s NY/NJ offices came to the Unilever Warehouse to pack Girl Scout Cookies from the Nassau County (NY) Girl Scouts and DHL Express out of its Kennedy Airport Gateway.  For the last several years, Deloitte, the world’s largest professional services firm, has chosen to help Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon with its Impact Day – a worldwide community outreach effort completed the first Friday of June every year.

This year we packed over 260 boxes for our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen.

The first boxes are usually built for our Special Operators.  This pack was no exception.  We also packed in a treat for them.  One of our Benefactors donated monies so we could purchase quality cigars for them.  We realize that after dangerous missions the guys like to sit around a campfire and smoke a cigar.

This year, we also had a visit from a journalist from ABC-TV from NY.  Miguel Amaya sought us out, looking for a good charity that helps Veterans.  We spoke beforehand and he attended the pack and interviewed several of us and shot footage of the pack.  We’re looking forward to seeing the feature he produces for ABC-NY’s social media.  Thanks for your interest and consideration, Miguel!

At the end of the day, we “raffled” off an American Flag displayed at Warrior’s Way at Craig Joint Theater Hospital at Bagram Air Base, complete with picture and certificate.  It was our way of thanking the Deloitte team for their fine efforts and patriotism.

And lastly, after each pack, we do our traditional “To the Platoon” toast!

COOKIE2019-tothePlatoon (link)

And getting the packages out the door is very important.  The first day we got two skids.  Day two we got three more – even though the Post Office loading dock power lit was broken.  They helped us get it done!


By Day 3 (Tuesday, 11 June), over 215 boxes have been shipped!

And now the cookies are beginning to hit their targets!