Memorial Pack delivers over 260 boxes for the Troops this Summer


On Wednesday, 29 August, 2018, we packed over 260 boxes for the Troops. We dedicated the pack as a Memorial Pack to ‘The Hustler 6’ who were killed in Afghanistan on 21 December, 2015. Christine Lemm, the wife of one of those killed, TSgt and NYPD Detective Joseph G Lemm, attended the pack. She brought her young son Ryan, who made notes for each of the boxes. He also made several boxes himself and signed them on the outside. It was a very emotional and special pack. Product donations came from Mondelez Bakery (OREOs), Nature’s Bakery (Fig bars) and Keurig/Dr Pepper (Body Armor drinks). Trucking was furnished by Best Way Trucking in Fairfield, NJ. Packers and volunteers came from American Legion Post 21 in Cresskill, NJ; Unilever and Menasha employees in Englewood Cliffs; and AaSP Volunteers from the area. (See below for a video of the pack.)