22-13 Veteran Suicide Awareness & Prevention Mission

22-13 P-outside night

March 28/29, Fair Lawn, NJ —- Scott LoBaido, renowned American Patriot Artist, has painted the American Flag on rooftops and American Legion and VFW Posts in all 50 states. His passion for America is well documented.

Now he has created a traveling art exhibit – “22-13” – in each of the 13 original colonies (states) as a way of creating more awareness for the 20-22 Veteran lives that are lost by their own hands every day! Just recently, President Trump created a cabinet-level task force to take this National Tragedy head on!

For years, our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen have been returning from war zones with physical and emotional wounds. Most can only share their experiences with their fellow battle buddies. The number of suicides every day is staggering. Police, Fire Fighters and First Responders face similar emotional wounds.

“22-13” dramatically displays 22 lighted child-like silhouettes and a centerpiece of 22 gold-painted boots surrounding two facing number 2s, creating a vacant heart. Vignettes of our soldiers in past wars appear in white stripes.

The display was set up on Thursday, March 28 at the American Legion Post 171, 17-08 River Road, Fair Lawn, NJ. Opening ceremonies included dignitaries from the NJ National Guard and American Legion Department of NJ. It was the only appearance of “22-13” in New Jersey.

SPECIAL NOTE: On each night, shortly before the lighting of the display, retired FDNY Fire Fighter Danny Prince and Camp4Heroes President “Captain Woody Woodall” administered what is known as the Spartan Pledge. It is a pledge that Veterans, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and First Responders can take promising not to take their own life without talking to a Battle Buddy first. On Thursday night, those taking the pledge were able to touch the Spartan Sword made from World Trade Center steel.

To our knowledge, no one who has taken the Spartan Pledge has ever committed suicide. The Pledge was originally created by warfighter Boone Cutler. All Veterans, especially those vulnerable with Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury, are always encouraged to take the pledge. Several Veterans, Fire Fighters and Police Officers took the pledge during the two-day event.

On Saturday morning, after the event, Scott LoBaido, Captain Woody Woodall and AASP.VET president Alan Krutchkoff appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about this serious tragedy in America (and the fact no one wants to talk about). No other media attended the event or offered to promote the event, except Fox News. Here is the entire segment that appeared Saturday morning:


For more information on this project, the 13-State schedule and Scott’s other work visit: scottlobaido.com
For more information on the Fair Lawn exhibit, contact: American Legion Post 171, Commander Jack Delaney 201-370-6701 or
Alan Krutchkoff, Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon (event co-ordinator for Scott LoBaido) at 201-566-3831 / PO Box 1111, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 / aasp.vet

Danny Prince is a Director of the FDNY Fire Family Transport Foundation and Camp4Heroes in Fairmont, NC; and an Ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation.