From the FRONT: 14 Dec

I am wanting to let you know how much you, your care package goodies, and your note are appreciated.   You obviously have a well organized drive!     I really appreciated the coconut water!

For the past month a large part of everyday for me has been given to care package receiving and dispersal.    Many boxes get handed out intact.    Even more get opened, sorted, and then dispersed from our chapel via people coming into the chapel and getting what they want, others that don’t attend chapel stop by our porch for coffee, hot chocolate and “goodies”.    Your boxes got a lot of “oohs and ahs” from those helping me when I opened it.

Most of your cards disappeared within 4 days.    There might be more, but the card area is kind of a mess at the moment, hence the hard job comment.    The stockings are received with a deep appreciation of the effort put into them.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a day of just that.    I hope you were surrounded by loved ones.    I chose to eat lunch with some Afghani vendors instead of the huge spread at the Chow hall.    I sat on the floor of the shop with them and ate from a large bowl of rice with my right hand.  I trust my Heavenly Father to take care of the germs!

I have attached a photo from today of a small group of soldiers from one of our worship services.    I am sorry there are no boxes in the photo.    I had to move three tables for the photo.    Be assured, there were care package items on two of them.   (The tables were in too much disarray for the photo op. )    But, your goods made into very appreciative hands and mouths!

Merry Christmas!   Please inform all those that contributed, “HOOAH!”  They are Great!