From the FRONT: 29 May

(this a response from the Middle School to Troy’s email on 21 May)
“Dear Troy, Thank you for your wonderful note. I do the morning announcements for
my school and I plan to read your letter to the students, so that they
hear firsthand how much you appreciate their efforts, but I should say
that we are the ones who appreciate your efforts. It is always on my
mind (and I remind the students) that the sacrifices that you make
allow us to live the lives that we do. I have done a lot of traveling
and I tell the students that while we may not be a perfect country –
nowhere is perfect – but the freedoms and lifestyles we have are not to
be taken for granted or taken lightly.

We are really happy that we were able to brighten your day, even just
a little bit, and hope that everyone found something that they liked
in the box. Again, many thanks for your note.

I will pray for the safe return for you and all the members of your batallion.”