From the FRONT: 7 Mar

All – … What your organization does is nothing short of a miracle and this email alone isn’t enough to say thank you. We haven’t deployed long (at least not for this old salt) but for my Sailors 4 months is a LONG time. Every item in the care packages is literally gone in a week.

The amount of love and support from you all is greatly appreciated. We have been in (redacted) since last year with only 2 port visits. To receive the creature comforts you all have sent is a blessing. My Sailor’s all under the age of 28 have never been combat deployed so it has been challenging to say the least with missing all of the holidays after Halloween, but our time is coming to end here soon and we will be back with our families and friends.

Without violating OPSEC we have seized A LOT of munitions, flown over 3,478 hours of “over watch” and SSC missions (basically tracking anything on the water from air) and provided 148 armed escorts (details and locations redacted).

Thank you again!