Kyle, AFG, 17 Oct 2015

All, Thank you so much for the gifts. Everybody here ALWAYS gets giddy when we know an “Adopt-A-Soldier-Platoon” package arrives 🙂 William, Thanks for the fresh roasted K-cups. Coffee is essential in these neck of the woods!
Lynne, Having this Keurig machine will greatly impact the speed at which coffee enters our systems– to which keeps us alert — allowing us to better bring it to our foes! Thank You! Kurt and Andrea, We all know that Axe products attract the ladies back in the homeland… but did you know that the terrorists are appalled by it? Double-Whammy! Bill, Thank you so much for the t-shirts– I handed them out to a couple lower-ranking hard workers! I will probably seeing them represent in the gym with it on later this evening Thanks for putting this all together!! Thanks again everyone!