Our Packages Bring Smiles

Good Morning All! I hope this message find everyone well and staying cool. It has been a crazy few weeks and the weather here has been quite interesting to say the least. ‘120 days of wind’ is no joke! I just wanted to take a moment in all the mayhem this last month to send a huge heartfelt digital thank you for the incredible blessings!!

I can’t tell you how elated these guys and gals have been to tear through these care packages. I had no idea what to expect when I reached out to your organization and a few other groups, but the love has been amazing, to say the least. Nothing has actually made it to my office before 6-7 hands have made their way through it. There’s been nothing but happy faces all around here.

I wish I could get an action shot, but there are a lot of security measures here on the campus… I’m definitely grateful for everything you all have done for us out here! Respectfully, Sam