From the FRONT: 21 May

“Boxes arrived last night! Got the cigars and goodies! The flashlights work well for spotting the camel spiders and scorpions on the way to the portajohns at night! Thanks again. I’ll try to arrange a cigar night with the team when the wind dies down!” Devin


From the FRONT: 31 DEC

“Good Afternoon and Merry Christmas!

On behalf of our unit I wanted to reach out and say thank you to you and all of your supporters who helped in donating all of the generous snacks and goodies for our team! We truly cannot thank you enough for all you do for us and all those that are deployed! Wishing you the Happiest of New Years!
V/R. Michael


From the FRONT: 10 Dec

All, We just received a shipment from Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon in (redacted). I just wanted to personally thank everyone that is involved with this program. Taking a look at the sheet a lot of great Americans have their hands in it. We all really appreciate the hard work and the donations to make this happen!! Please pass our gratitude to all of your great staff and donators. I will work on a few pics for ya. Thanks again, Chris


From the FRONT: 14 Nov

We would like to give out a big thank you for all of the different items you shipped over the past six months to (redacted) during our deployment. It gave us a great variety of snacks and helped with toiletries throughout the trip. I have included two picks of some of the members of the team. One is after a Joint Special Operations training event conducted in (redacted) on the tank. The other is at the end of a demolitions range day. The embassy asked if we could dispose of an up-armored suburban that was beyond repair. We obliged and you can see what is left of it. Side note – I’m wearing the Subaru pullover right now, very comfortable. We appreciate everything you do to support the troops overseas and wanted to let you know its not forgotten. Thank you very much. V/R. Michael


From the FRONT: 16 Oct

“I am deployed from the (unit name redacted) in New Jersey. I am currently in the Middle East. My base was particularly affected by the Afghan Mission. I do apologize for the delay as our mission requirements put our focuses elsewhere. I wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU! The packages and love that you sent was shared amongst us here at the medical group. We have enjoyed every bit of it! I was so heartened by the thoughts and prayers. It’s very hard being away from home, especially during the upcoming holidays. It truly means something to not be forgotten. So once again, THANK YOU, from all of us here at the medical group!! God Bless America. Very Respectfully, Maj C”


From the FRONT: 11 OCT

Thanks to Subaru of America for the great swag, we are able to send nice coffee cups and pullovers to our Adoptees:

“Thank you everyone for putting this great package together, I shared everything with the group and everyone is enjoying it. I appreciate the hard work that goes into sending us these packages, it brightens our day to open and see the treats inside. Thank you again!” Destiny


From the FRONT: 25 Sep

“I wanted to thank each of you for your efforts through Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, Inc., in providing so many care packages to our Soldiers. We are still very early in our tour, but have already received so much from you and your teams.
We genuinely appreciate your thoughtful generosity and commitment to American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. Our team is grateful, and your contributions are priceless. Sincerely, Dan “


From the FRONT: 24 Aug

Greetings! I wanted to let you know that I got the package you sent that included the cigars, coffee, cookies, and other snacks. As before, it is hard to describe how uplifting it is to get a package from people you’ve never met, but appreciate what you do. I’ll tell ya, I loved those plantain chips (Goya Foods). I opened one of those bags intending to eat just a few, and I think I ate the whole bag in one sitting. So between those and the Girl Scout cookies (which you can also eat more of than you realize), there are some dangerous snacks in there. Fortunately, there was also a set of workout bands (TRX) in that package too, so I have no excuse to burn off those calories. Now that is worth its weight in gold. Just about everyone uses deployment to get in better shape, so a set of exercise equipment that you can pack up and take with you to some of these outstations that don’t have much is great. That will definitely get passed around.

I’m also sincerely grateful for the Peeps you sent (his wife – name redacted). She was very pleasantly surprised and she ate about half a package during our periodic Impractical Jokers watch party. Our families have it much tougher than we do. For example, our pet cockatiel passed away recently, and I hate that she had to deal with that on her own. The challenges of homelife don’t change, the families just have more of the burden to bear without us there. But random acts of kindness, like your package, can turn a hard day around. Thank you so much for looking out for her. She’s my world, and I am extremely grateful that I got to see her smile when you sent her that package.

I’m pretty good about sharing packages with the others, but I will need to do better sharing those Plantain chips in the future. 😊 v/r. David


From the FRONT: 7 AUG

On behalf of all our soldiers and staff, THANK YOU so very much for the care package containing the Keurig, coffee and cotton candy Peeps that you sent. On the personal end, I’ll share that my wife LOVES Peeps, and she particularly loves the cotton candy Peeps. I bragged recently that I finally got a package of Peeps that I could call my own and I wouldn’t have to share with anyone! Of course, I ultimately shared with the others, but it was a great surprise to see them, and gave me an opportunity to tease my wife a little during a call home.

As for the coffee and Keurig, thank you! Particularly from a Task Force Surgeon, who is responsible for the health and well-being of the soldiers, thank you! You’ve definitely helped with the well-being part. I tell med students and doctors that blood is often presented in text books as being made up of 55% plasma (fluid) and 45% formed elements (i.e. cells). That said, I am increasingly convinced that in certain professions, such as medicine and/or the military for example, that there is also a small percentage of coffee in there somewhere. Nothing starts the day, or sustains during a late night like coffee, and there are plenty of those. You can never have enough, so we were thrilled when you sent the Keurig and the cups. No question that it is absolutely useful to us, and will be used and shared by everyone here.

There were several people and organizations listed on the accompanying letter who made this gift possible. Thank you to all of you! And if I left anyone off who deserves thanks, I apologize and ask that you please extend our gratitude as well. From the people that had the idea to send a gift overseas, to the ones that donated the coffee and Keurig, and to those who packaged and sent the box out the door to the plane over here, we appreciate all of you. Care packages are amazing things. Especially when they come from people who we don’t necessarily know, but who clearly care enough about what we’re doing to send some love. Packages from family and friends are great! We love getting them. But there’s something about receiving a package from someone you’ve never met that just inspires and encourages. They tend to show up at those times when we’re tired, frustrated, and missing home, and no matter what is in them, the morale boost that comes along with the knowledge that our fellow citizens are thinking about us and sending us little pieces of home has an this amazingly uplifting effect.

Thank you to all of you from all us out here in (location redacted). It’s a wonderful feeling knowing those at home are thinking about us and that what we do matters and is appreciated. THANK YOU! Very Respectfully, LTC David V.