From the FRONT: 21 Sept

“AaSP – this is our guys out here right after we did a 9/11 memorial wod.  that flag we held has been folded in the back of my plate carrier since I joined the army. It felt like a good occasion to bring it out for a picture. Again thank you for everything not just cause I’m getting goodies but I can see the morale on my men’s faces when they open the boxes. it means a lot especially since this is a first deployment for a lot of these guys. (this picture can be posted).”  Jared


From the FRONT: 14 Sept

“Mrs. Casey and all parties involved, Thank you for the Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon packages! The Soldiers of Apache Company 2-87IN 10th Mountain Division loved the snacks, letters, cigars, Knick knacks etc. that we received today at our mission support site. Receiving packages such as these really does break up the monotony and gives the Soldiers a taste of home that they do not receive here often. Your support makes a difference.  Very Respectfully,  Forrest”


From the FRONT: 9 Sept

“Thank you soo so much please extend our gratitude!  The smiles on the Soldiers faces here when we get snacks and care packages is awesome!!  These boxes are some of the best I’ve ever seen, Alan and the team are very appreciated!”

How cool is this?  From our Adoptee in a very dangerous part of the world right now.  Just look at the smiles on their faces!  That’s why we love doing what we do!!!   Merica!



From the FRONT: 2 Sept

We got two emails from the USS Bataan (LHD-5) – one on Saturday and one today:

“Tell the team thank you we just received a bunch of mail and we got 24 boxes. The crew is going to be so excited. I appreciate everyone and what you are doing. Thank you.”

“To you and your team awesome job. Most of the holdup is on our side we are a moving target while we are out operating and they are just trying to predict where we will be. We really appreciate what you all do.” V/r CMC


From the FRONT: 27 Aug

Thank you for reaching out. Myself and the rest of my team appreciated all the care packages that your organization blessed us with.
You are correct, the crew I was with and myself have all made it back safely to the US over this past weekend.

Thank you again for all the support. Sydney


From the FRONT: 21 Aug

From one of our Adoptees in a tough part of the world right now – “got the first set of packages plus a few from (home)! still missing 2 of the 5 you sent. the guys absolutely love it! thank you so much! got the cigars will take some to the teams tomorrow night! again thank you! everyone here really appreciates it! J


From the FRONT: 24 July

I have attached a short PowerPoint as a photo album of our soldiers doing great things. The boxes you coordinated for us were very popular. The soldiers at (location redacted) are appreciative of your support and the stuff they received. Please pass along our thanks and the photos to your supporters and those that packed the boxes. If there is anything else we can do for you please let me know. v/r Matt