From the FRONT: 17 June

My name is Ray. I recently received one of your amazing care packages. I just wanted to reach out and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the boxes of treats you sent.   It boosted everyone’s morale when I started tossing boxes of cookies at them.    Thank you again!  Ray

From the FRONT: 11 June

THANK YOU for the awesome package of goodies!! Another package has hit is mark here in Bagram, Afghanistan.  We are spreading the wealth with others nearby and enjoy seeing the smiles you bring to their faces. I even saw someone on base today wearing an awesome AaSP hat!! Your continued support to folks deployed around the world is nothing short of amazing, and it means so much to everyone you touch with your kindness, love, and support.   Feel free to share the picture.   Thank you!!   Vinny M   (Adoptee since 2005)

From the FRONT: 18 Jan

Somewhere in Africa

I just wanted to send you a quick reply on behalf of the men of team (redacted). Thanks for your support and encouragement, especially during the holiday season. The guys appreciated the goodies, they did not last long! Treats like those are difficult to come by in Africa! Thanks for all you and your organization does for soldiers. We are extremely glad for Americans like you, who go the extra mile to support the troops. Hoping you have a blessed new year. V/r Nick


From the FRONT: 12 Jan

All of you amazing people – I cannot thank you enough for the boxes filled with all of the great items, snacks, treats, peeps and much needed coffee!!

We had just come back on Christmas Day from a grueling 2-week mission and all the boxes were stacked up waiting for me. Without even opening the boxes, my crew began to smile, because they knew that there had to be something good inside. The Peeps were gone instantly followed by oreos…and then I could smell coffee brewing within 15 minutes. Candy Canes for everyone! The 16 of us grabbed what we needed and the boxes were empty pretty quickly.

Thank you ALL so much for being a part of a great organization…Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, Inc.

I’m not sure you hear it very often, but what you do really does make a difference. I’m the only one from crew that lives in NJ, so when I get back in May, I will be sure to spread the word on the great work you do. Maybe I will be able to stop by with my husband and kids too! V/R, Yvonne


FROM the FRONT: 11 Jan

Good Morning All! My name is Sean and i’ve been getting packages from you guys since November of 2018. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support and items you guys have put together. My team and myself just wanted to say thank you guys and girls so much!!! every package received its like Christmas morning and everyone is excited to see whats in store. We’re all currently deployed to Afghanistan. We just wanted to say thank you again and for everything you guys do. Here’s some photos of us as well.

Thanks again. Sean


From the FRONT: 23 DEC

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I just received the awesome box from AaSP. My team and I will enjoy some nice holiday cigars and some great treats this week. THANK YOU for your continued generosity and for everything you do for us when we are away from home. It is always so humbling to get something from home, whether from family or folks you just met, to remind you that folks back home still remember the sacrifice the troops make, especially around the holidays. Again, a hug THANK YOU from all of us out here to all of you back home.
Merry Christmas!! Vinny


From the FRONT: 23 DEC

This is Emilio (rank, last name redacted). I am sending you this letter to tell you how much grateful we all are here for the care package that you and your organization prepared for us. It is very encouraging when people support us 100% on this journey. On behalf of my unit here in (location redacted), we say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. E.


From the FRONT: 22 DEC

Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, Thank You!

My name is (redacted) Patrick (redacted). I am the commanding officer of the Marine Corps outpost in which one of your packages arrived! From the outside it was obvious this package would be like no other!

Where do I begin? Thank You! How were we lucky enough to be on your list
this year?
(A good friend gave us his name)

The flyer that was included inside outlined the small army of great
Americans who assisted in getting this package delivered to these Marines.
I am so impressed, and we are all so thankful for your continued commitment
to our forward deployed forces. Your packages arrived in great shape, and
full with plenty for everyone! The timing could not of been better as we
are entering the holiday season in which we all will be spending away from

The Marines here are engaged in various tasks in the (redacted) area of responsibility; They are partnered with our coalition,
allies and partners. The Marines here hail from all areas of the United States. It is
organizations like yours who remind them every day how important their work
is in the defense of our nation. I hope you guys get a chance to try one of
your packages, they are great!

I wish we could send more / pictures / video but we have very limited
ability to connect electronically here. God Bless your work. Stay in touch! To the Platoon!

Respectfully, Patrick