Jake, US Army, 25 July

To All Concerned, THANK YOU!
My name is “Jake”, I am the NCOIC in charge of a (redacted). … We just received a care package from Adopt- A- Soldier Platoon Inc. and this being my fourth deployment I always try to find some time to thank all of those involved in making my soldiers’ lives a little happier. In this case a lot happier. I remember writing to the troops in Desert Storm back in 1990 and no one ever wrote back. As I got older I realized that Operation only took 6 months and my letters probably never made it out of the post office. That being said whether I was in Iraq in 06, 09 or Afghanistan in 2011, I try to write back and thank all who care and take time to help others who are trying to help others.

About the Team, We are all citizen soldiers who left our families and jobs and put our educations on hold to deploy to represent our families, our unit, the Army and our Country to serve overseas and do the best we can do to return home full of honor and pride. The team is young and full of energy and now thanks to you generosity they realize their hard work does not go on deaf ears.

Our team is incredibly grateful to each and every person, group, company, organization, who took the time to say they care. We are humbled and honored while we conduct our missions knowing there are amazing people supporting an incredible organization such as AASP. This will be my 4th and final deployment, I hope. But knowing this organization exists and having these points of contacts I hope to be able to continue to support your cause once I retire. Just like you are supporting us now. I thank each and every one. I grew up in (redacted) NJ, over 20 years ago and just seeing the address coming from Fair Lawn is a touch of home that brings joy and happy memories to mind. So thank you personally from the bottom of my heart. Each and every one of you are amazing. God Bless Keep up the great work. v/r Jake