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The Girl Scouts of Nassau County, NY, and DHL Express at Kennedy Airport in NYC, both combine their resources to get donated boxes of Girl Scout cookies to our Troops overseas. The event started at Girl Scout Headquarters In Garden City, NY, there was quite a crowd by 10am on 17 April. Soon, Bagpipers began […]


Save the Date – SALUTE7

Salute to American Heroes 7 is coming! Thursday night, October 17, 2019. A night of Pageantry, Patriotism and Entertainment. Same venue – The Royal Manor in Garfield, NJ. Last year, everyone had such a great time and this year will be no exception (we hope even better!). Only 375 Seats, (100 seats reserved for our […]

22-13 P-outside night

22-13 Veteran Suicide Awareness & Prevention Mission

March 28/29, Fair Lawn, NJ —- Scott LoBaido, renowned American Patriot Artist, has painted the American Flag on rooftops and American Legion and VFW Posts in all 50 states. His passion for America is well documented. Now he has created a traveling art exhibit – β€œ22-13” – in each of the 13 original colonies (states) […]



From the FRONT: 18 Jan

Somewhere in Africa

I just wanted to send you a quick reply on behalf of the men of team (redacted). Thanks for your support and encouragement, especially during the holiday season. The guys appreciated the goodies, they did not last long! Treats like those are difficult to come by in Africa! Thanks for all you and your organization does for soldiers. We are extremely glad for Americans like you, who go the extra mile to support the troops. Hoping you have a blessed new year. V/r Nick


From the FRONT: 12 Jan

All of you amazing people – I cannot thank you enough for the boxes filled with all of the great items, snacks, treats, peeps and much needed coffee!!

We had just come back on Christmas Day from a grueling 2-week mission and all the boxes were stacked up waiting for me. Without even opening the boxes, my crew began to smile, because they knew that there had to be something good inside. The Peeps were gone instantly followed by oreos…and then I could smell coffee brewing within 15 minutes. Candy Canes for everyone! The 16 of us grabbed what we needed and the boxes were empty pretty quickly.

Thank you ALL so much for being a part of a great organization…Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, Inc.

I’m not sure you hear it very often, but what you do really does make a difference. I’m the only one from crew that lives in NJ, so when I get back in May, I will be sure to spread the word on the great work you do. Maybe I will be able to stop by with my husband and kids too! V/R, Yvonne


FROM the FRONT: 11 Jan

Good Morning All! My name is Sean and i’ve been getting packages from you guys since November of 2018. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support and items you guys have put together. My team and myself just wanted to say thank you guys and girls so much!!! every package received its like Christmas morning and everyone is excited to see whats in store. We’re all currently deployed to Afghanistan. We just wanted to say thank you again and for everything you guys do. Here’s some photos of us as well.

Thanks again. Sean