Operation Wounded Care has been part of AaSP’s support arsenal since we sent our first care cartons to the largest U.S. military hospital in Iraq (Ibn Sina) in 2004. At one point, we supported 16 medical facilities in Afghanistan, Djibouti, Germany, Iraq and Kuwait.

Today, Operation Wounded Care focuses on two main areas. 1) Taking care of our Wounded/Disabled/Recovering Veterans (and their Caregivers) who come home from the War On Terror and struggle to make the transition to civilian life.

We just helped get a Wounded/Recovering Veteran get a new laundry dryer, thanks to a local VFW. And we are helping a family with funeral expenses for a Wounded Veteran who took his own life. Additionally, since March, we have: helped a female Veteran who experienced MST (military sexual trauma) with starting rent expenses; arranged assembly of exercise equipment for a female paraplegic female Veteran in Maine; provided heating oil and mortgage assistance to a wounded USN Veteran in Connecticut; and covered funeral expenses for a Veteran suffering from severe PTSD. We are currently working closely with a family of a Vietnam Veteran who needs his bathroom renovated to be ADA accessible.

2) We also currently support medical facilities in Djibouti, Iraq, Kuwait; and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany -- where our injured Warriors are sent with combat wounds.
We also support Navy hospital ships when we have the opportunity and forward surgical teams wherever they may be. In the U.S, prior to COVID, we supported Christmas and Super Bowl parties at Walter Reed Nat’l Military Medical Center. We’ve helped purchase adaptive vehicles; renovate living areas for ADA appropriate bathrooms, doors and the like; provided financial stipends and done what we can to help our Wounded/Recovering battle life’s everyday challenges.

If you know of a Wounded or Disabled American Veteran with a VA disability who needs help you can email our Vice President of Wounded Care, Mary-Edna Krutchkoff, R.N. at - MEKRN@aasp.vet.

Our volunteer VP of Wounded Care, Mary-Edna Krutchkoff, R.N., has spent over 40 years as a registered nurse in a range of capacities - from Head Nurse of Psychiatry at one of NJ’s finest hospitals, Hackensack Meridien University Medical Center ... to school nurse … to Director of Nursing for five non-profit homes taking care of mentally disabled adults. Mary-Edna’s expertise, professionalism and heartfelt caring have been essential to the development of our Wounded Care program.

In 2015, AaSP held the Warfighter Independence Weekend not far from Boston, MA, and brought Soldiers (mostly from the 10th MTN DIV) from all over the country. Attendees enjoyed the camaraderie and retreat setting but interventions were also made. It demonstrated the need to continue the effort.

We pushed forward with our suicide prevention efforts by supporting the ideals of Camp4Heroes in Fairmont, NC. We built the first log cabin at the Camp. Additionally, with the help of our Benefactors and Partners, we helped build two other cabins, an outdoor kitchen, a 60-ft pier over Lake Elliott, a barracks (the Team House) and made other important improvements.

Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon also works with other volunteer charities and organizations to help our Wounded/Disabled/Recovering Veterans.

At the end of 2020, we helped Truckin4Troops buy a Caregiver a new pick-up truck for her son's farm; Homes for Veterans in NJ transform a kitchen for a disabled Veteran chef; Helping Our Military Heroes buy an adaptive van for a Veteran amputee; and Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center of Gardner, MA, provide residences, counseling, training, outdoor activities (fly fishing) and such. All good stuff. Please help us continue!



We’ve learned over the years that when a unit has a catastrophe and loses one or more Warriors, memorial bracelets help with healing for the survivors and family of those who pay the ultimate price for our freedom. So when asked, we've made many bracelets for our units over the years.

We’ve been told that in the heat of battle, it’s difficult for Warriors to put faces in their mind and remember those Battle Buddies they served with, who had been killed earlier. For this reason, and others, memorial bracelets are a constant reminder of an American Hero who gave his/her all for America.

AaSP has been making memorial bracelets for many years now. It’s another example of how we help our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen deal with the stress of war. It’s part of what we do in our Operation Wounded Care. We did not make any bracelets in 2020 or 2021, thankfully.

Note: We do not sell bracelets. They are solemn reminders of American sacrifice.



Camp4Heroes was inspired by Captain John “Woody” Woodall. It had been Woody’s dream after 9/11 to have a retreat where our injured Veterans could get away from it all, be with other Vets and relax in a peaceful environment to heal their wounded souls.

More than 20 Veterans a day are committing suicide in this country! It’s a National tragedy. These men and women struggle to make the transition from military to civilian life - no matter how hard they try, they feel they can't do it.

In 2016, Woody - the President of Fire Fighters Assisting Armed Forces Families (FFAAFF) - was joined by Scott Mallary (Truckin4Troops) and Danny Prince (FDNY’s Fire Family Transport Foundation). Together, they found property in Fairmont, NC, and with the help of an anonymous benefactor, purchased what is now Camp4Heroes.

Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon saw what Camp4Heroes was doing in early 2016. We believed in their ideals to take suicide prevention to the next level – by providing a permanent place where Veterans could relax; fish; learn to cook, paint or work with music; mow fields or just be around a farm-like atmosphere. So we began helping the Camp become operational.

We encourage you to reach out to Captain Woody and find opportunities that suit you, your company or organization. Woody’s email is CaptainJWoody@Camp4Heroes.org.
The address is: Camp4Heroes, PO Box 400, Fairmont, NC 28340.


Our Wounded/Recovering Veterans all need our help and support. Some can’t hold jobs. Some need better self-esteem. Some struggle to make that transition to civilian life. Some need legal help or help navigating the vast Veterans Administration. And some just need a helping hand to get on the right track. Most of it takes plain old money but we need legal and social connections as well. You can contact Mary-Edna Krutchkoff, R.N., our Vice President – Wounded Care thru email:
MEKRN@aasp.vet or send donations (mark Wounded Care in the notation) to Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, PO Box 1111, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410.
Thank you!