The Patriotic Pack – July 16/17

LOBAIDOprintforpack (1)

We had a special pack on Tuesday, July 16.  We didn’t have enough people to finish the pack on Tuesday so we asked folks to come on Wednesday and we did finish!

(Above) – Every carton we packed contained a copy of Scott LoBaido’s “Liberty” prints (along with a special message he enscribed).  We’re pretty stoked to be able to send Scott’s imagery to our Troops serving around the world.  For a short video (2 1/2 min)–> please click here! <–

But the LoBaido print wasn’t the only thing in the carton.  Each box contains Nature’s Bakery fig bars; Just Born Confection Peeps, Mike/Ikes and Hot Tamales candy; two bottles of Snapple (from Keurig/Dr Pepper); a sleeve of AXE deodorant; 3 lbs of fresh roasted “America’s Cup of Coffee”; disposable razors from Unilever’s AXE brand (partnership with Schick); and soups and tuna packs courtesy of our friends at Inserra Shop-Rite Supermarkets.  A nice box indeed.  (Above pic – Set up on the right side of the assembly line.)


The teams worked very hard in very warm conditions.  On Wednesday it was 99 degrees outside!  But we kept everyone hydrated and good spirits prevailed.

And we like to finish each pack (or shift) with our “To the Platoon” cheer:     <— (Click on link to view video)

This is what the finished boxes looked like, all taped up with postage, labels and customs forms attached.  Francisco, one of our key team members, is shown with four skids inside the local Post Office:

And the pix have started to come in.  The first arrived today from AFG: