SALUTE 7 a Great Evening


Salute to American Heroes 7 was terrific! Special thanks to all our Sponsors, Benefactors, Donors and Supporters!

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This year’s Esteemed Honoree is Liberty Subaru of Emerson, NJ. Thanks to the DeSilva Family, Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon has been the beneficiary of Subaru of America’s “Share the Love” event every year for the last six years! This year was a particularly incredible event. Time to honor Liberty and the DeSilva Family.

We listened to Lauren D’Imperio sing the National Anthem acapella.


Co-Host and Dinner Chairman was Karl Nelson, shown here with his lovely wife Inga.  Karl is a 1986 NY Giants NFL Super Bowl Champion.

Our other Co-Host was Captain John A. “Woody” Woodall, retired Fire Captain, Raleigh, NC, and President,


Captain Woody administered the Spartan Pledge with a sword made from World Trade Center steel.


Several Wounded Veterans attended. Marianne and Brian Fyffe (and their Service Dog Major Paine) shown here with Mary-Edna Krutchkoff, 

AaSP’s Vice President, Wounded Care.


OritaniBank Charitable Foundation President Kevin Lynch presented a renewed grant to Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon Treasurer Allan Virginia (R).


OUR AUCTIONS are always an important part of the evening.  Majorie Sietsma, Auction Director, is shown here with her volunteers.

There are Silent and LIVE auction formats.

One of the LIVE items was a painting called “Never Forget” by Chris Baamonde.

Another Live item was a gorgeous hand-made knife with a Damascus steel blade and a handle made from lightning boulder (form of Lapis) and teak wood from the USS Missouri. 

This wood was on the ship when the Japanese Emperor surrendered to GEN Douglas MacArthur to end WWII!!!!!


A commemorative D-Day 75th Anniversary Flag  (one of only 12 flown by Annin Flagmakers) flown on Omaha Beach on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day was another item.

A Betsy Ross acrylic painting by Scott LoBaido was also auctioned off.



A good time was had by all.

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