Super Bowl Party 2021

SB-7-Karl Talking-1000

This year’s Super Bowl Party was cancelled due to COVID. In 2020, our last Super Bowl Party for the wounded/recovering Veterans at the Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Center was a great success.  AaSP joined Camp4Heroes, FDNY and the Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski Memorial Foundation and it was wonderful.  The game was exciting, we gave out lots of prizes, the food was terrific and everyone had a great time.  Our  Sports Director and NY Giants Super Bowl winner Karl Nelson was on hand to provide game insight and signed pictures and let folks wear his ring.  We even got to go in the hospital and visit some patients.  It was a totally rewarding day in all respects.  We’re grateful to Captain John “Woody” Woodall for arranging it and for Danny Prince to lead the way on the wards.  And thanks to Unilever Military Sales and OritaniBank Charitable Foundation for supporting our efforts!

We got to go on the wards and visit wounded/recovering/ill patients.  Singer John T. Woodall gave a brief concert to one of the Warriors there.  It was a great, heartwarming experience all around.

We gave out free prizes in a “Super Bowl Pool” atmosphere.

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