The Cigar Pack – Aug 20


Why do we send cigars?

"Having a nice cigar at the end of a tough day downrange was often the most enjoyable, therapeutic activity I can remember. Great work AASP!"    Mike, 3rd SFG (A)


"I do smoke a cigar from time to time it eases the heart ache."   Larry, 1st SFG (A)


On Saturday, Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon attended a cigar event at Casa de Montecristo in Paramus, NJ.  The company featured in the event was Rocky Patel Cigars.  Rocky is known to be a very Patriotic guy.  And his National Sales executive, Heath Hill, was made from the same cloth.  We got lots of goodies and swag to send to our Cigar Clubs in Afghanistan and great specials as well.  The cigars stacked on the counter in the picture below are all the goodies we got for our units.


Then we had our special Cigar Pack on Tuesday.  Linda Trefurt, manager at Casa de Montecristo; Alan K; and Larry Kaine, one of our regular supporters and volunteers at our packing events, came to help out.  Besides some cigars, the main ingredients were plastic tumblers from Just Born Confections; ceramic coffee/tea cups from our buddies at Subaru of America; Blueberry fig bars from Nature's Bakery; tuna packs from Inserra Supermarkets of North Jersey; AXE deodorant and Dove Men's shampoo from Unilever Military Sales; and KCups from the Cresskill (NJ) Girls Basketball team.  Enjoy the goodies guys!!!!


At the end of the day, 21 boxes were in the mail, representing Special Operators, Army, Navy, Medical units, you name it.

Not everyone smokes cigars, but lots of our Men in harm's way like to have a cigar around a fire after a tough day - and they get tough.  So enjoy them guys.

In the end, we always do "To the Platoon" and this was no exception: