From the FRONT: 19 DEC

HO-LE-SMOKES, over the past three days of “okay” weather and after we got a ton of gear and folks moved….and a TON of mail came in. Mixed in there, were over 30 boxes from our NJ Rear-D! My numbers are a tinge off since I had to get a little help moving things along as I had to be “out of pocket” for a bit. I will say that the folks on the front line(s) all received plenty (PLENTY) of love. I am not sure what was appreciated more but I received handshakes, smiles, and at least two calls about the TRX systems, FIG BARS, TUNA, and BODY ARMOR. And, you good people sent enough that even the rear-echelon folks (like me now, dammit) received some delicious chocolate, coffee mugs, COFFEE, *cigars…blissful* and a ton of awesomeness from (redacted name of Benefactor).

The other day as I was making my rounds off the camp here, I saw a few Marines using a TRX system hooked to a was hammering down some beef jerky sticks between sets. Made me smile. There are emails of gratitude inbound, if not received already. Between our Operations Sergeant (name redacted), and our Current Operations Officer (name redacted) the donors’ addresses were disseminated with request that folks take a minute when they have connectivity to send a short note.

Thanks again for all that you do! Stu.