From the FRONT: 9 NOV


I just wanted to send a personal thanks from myself, my team and our patients for your support and donation out here at (unit redacted). We have already handed out or consumed roughly 120 cups of coffee with the Keurig you sent us, and the projector will be used for many movie nights/to help paint our patch on the front fence. The candy has been divided among different shops and we sent a box forward with candy, some of the food bars and toys to (another) location to assist in the humanitarian aid mission and to help the kids they see. I am waiting on the mail folks to come around (we haven’t seen them in a month) so we can send mail out. I’ve attached a few pictures and will send more as time permits… We are limited on where we can take photos unfortunately, but I am sure we can make it happen!

Again, thank you so much, you have drastically improved our morale and situation. Truly appreciated. People like you and your team remind us of why we are out here, and it makes me even more proud to be an American knowing people such as yourself are behind us.

Sincerely, Devin, FOB Nunyer