Jeff M, 19 May 2017

To all of you, I am currently deployed to (redacted) as part of a Special Forces Operational Detachment. We have been very busy out here in the Desert. We received a care package yesterday from Adopt a Soldier Platoon and we were all very excited to see what was inside. I want to thank everybody who donated or took part in putting stuff together to send out to us. It is such a morale boost when we get mail out here because of the weeks in between our mail deliveries. Whenever packages show up, it’s almost like Christmas. I would like to thank the Unilever Military team for sending out some deodorant, baby wipes, and miscellaneous personal care products. Those are always well received by everybody. I want to thank the Casey team for the pillow. One of our guys didn’t have a pillow, and now he’s got one to take out on missions. Not only that, but it came with an awesome American Flag inside of it. Thank you to Just Born and Hampton Roads Moving & Storage for the Mike and Ikes. I think that was everybody’s favorite thing. They are delicious! I also want to thank the Palisades Country Day School for all the other snacks and personal care items. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the volunteer work by the Warehouse manager and the mail room. Thank you so much for packing and sending that stuff out. And, also a big thanks to OritaniBank Charitable Foundation for paying for the postage to get all those items to us. If I forgot anybody else in the Thank yous, please let me know so I can personally thank them. It means a lot to us for people to take time and money to send us stuff and the least I can do is send them a message that says thank you from our team. Lastly, I would like to thank the team for getting us a Yeti cooler. This thing is going to be a lifesaver out here in the heat. The ability to keep our drinks cold while we’re driving around in the desert is going to a huge morale boost for us while it’s 115 degrees and we’re drinking cold water. Thank you so much for everything you do. We really appreciate it out here. After our next mission, I will send you out a picture of us doing what we do best. In the meantime, thanks again.