Note for Ryan – 15 Sept

On 29 August we had a special Memorial Gold Star pack in honor of our Fallen. A Gold Star wife and son were a huge part of the event and the 7-yr-old, Ryan, made a note for each box and helped pack. This is a response from one of our Adoptees:

“Hello Ryan,

I am a soldier currently serving in Syria, I am from Lincoln, Ne I wanted to say thank you for the care package you sent me and my friends over here, I did not know your dad, But he sounds like a very wonderful man and someone to be very proud of. We have a board here where I am and I will be putting your letter and the Patch “Adopt-A-Soldier Platoon” on this board for every soldier that comes here will see and know your name and your dad’s name. I also want you to know I have a son named Ryan also he is 12 years old. I hope he grows up to be as thoughtful and caring as you are. I know your dad is very proud of you. I wish you all the happiness the world can bring you and your mom.

Thanks again, Your friend Rusty”