Note for Ryan – 5 Sept

On 29 August we had a special Memorial Gold Star pack in honor of our Fallen. A Gold Star wife and son were a huge part of the event and the 7-yr-old, Ryan, made a note for each box and helped pack. This is a response from one of our Adoptees:

I am Gabrielle from (unit redacted) and we are deployed with the USS Harry S. Truman. On behalf of my junior sailors and myself I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to think about those who are away from their families and send goodies. My favorite thing was the note, which is proudly hanging on the wall in our office! This kind gesture really made the day for my people. They are my kids out here, so seeing smiles on their faces puts a smile on mine.!!

Also, as a proud New Yorker, I appreciate the sacrifice your dad made not just for our country but for the state of New York. And I also want to thank you and your mom for the sacrifices you both have made. BIG THANK YOU from the crew!

Very Respectfully, Gabrielle”