Tom F, US Army, 28 June

We’ve been sending out our new donation of Body Armor drinks from Dr. Pepper/Snapple. Here is one happy Adoptee:

“Thank you for putting together another care package for us. As the temperature continues to increase and we continue to press forward with our plans of working out and keeping hydrated from operations that last hours into days, it is nice to receive this particular care package…
The guys drank them up. I put some aside so that they did not all disappear in the first ten minutes I put them out. Much like everything else we receive it was like wolves around the kill. At least no one lost a tooth this time (Just kidding). Anyways Thank you for helping in the support for my company, Soldiers and brothers.
(and to our Unilever logistics support)
“Thank you for your roles in supporting us as well, without space to manage, organize, and distribute products there would be chaos. So know that we appreciate the help in the logistics involved in support us. It’s a huge undertaking that is often overlooked.”