Wounded Care: 22 Dec

Subaru Cesar -Team 1-1500

Yesterday, we had the privilege and pleasure to help Cesar, a Vietnam War wounded/recovering Veteran buy a pre-owned Subaru Forrester.  As part of our Operation Wounded Care, we help those Vets with VA disabilities heal by providing services, products or event rent or car payments when the opportunity presents itself.  Yesterday, thanks to Liberty Subaru of Emerson, NJ, we were able to get a great price, make a large down payment, and along with some of Cesar’s money, buy Cesar the car he wanted.  Pictured above is Cesar, second from left with his daughter next to him, then our VP Wounded Care, Mary-Edna Krutchkoff, R.N.; Lauren Costa, member Wounded Care Committee; and her husband, also an AaSP volunteer, Jose.  Alan K, volunteer president, is at far left.