From the FRONT: 12 Mar

“Good day! What an amazing day out to sea! The photos attached are just some of those that were taken with all of the items you have support the crew with!!  While some of this may be a repeat for Krutch, I would like to start off by thanking all you for your graciousness to service members everywhere.  The care packages were well received and not a moment too soon by the crew as we start our 6th month of deployment and 5th month in the Red Sea.  The crew is still motivated and resilient ready to execute all missions tasked. Thank you for taking care of USS Gravely – DDG 107, the finest destroyer in the fleet!   USS GRAVELY is the 57th Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer that was built to fight!   Our Commanding Officer CDR Brian Sánchez, and Executive Officer CDR Gregory Piorun have already expressed their gratitude to and we are composing letters as I type.   As I am sure that all of you know far too well being deployed away from home and our families is extremely tough but knowing that we have your support at organizations and foundations like each of yours, it truly makes things better.   Thank you, again for your selfless generosity!
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to collect all the various items, package them, and then mail the care packages to the Sailors deployed onboard USS Gravely DDG 107!   All items were well received and the Sailors onboard greatly appreciated the kindness and thoughtfulness that you all have shown to us.   The crew loved everything and will surely put everything sent to good use! Being deployed away from home and our families is extremely tough but knowing that we have your support.
I will ensure that we reach out individually with letters to each of you and will send more photos, especially of those that capture the individual contributions!   Thank you all very kindly.   Tim”
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