From the FRONT: 19 July

“Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity! We are so blessed to have the use of the Keurig and the KCups you’ve sent. You may have heard that the Infantry runs on caffeine and we go through coffee like crazy. The Keurig makes it a little quicker than brewing a full pot when people are in a rush; we have it set up in our chapel so it gets used before/after chapel service on Sundays, as well as during our weekly Bible studies, other meetings that we host throughout the week, and as people rush in and out throughout the day. Thanks for expanding our work here and supporting us on deployment. We are infinitely grateful.

I stuck a thank-you card in the mail the last time our mail team was here, which probably won’t arrive for another month, but thanks again for your support! We also appreciate the little toy cars and the notebooks, which get snatched up quickly.”
Chaplain R.