Mike, IRQ, 21 Feb 2015

All, Christmas has arrived in Erbil! Mail has finally made its way here, and the team is motivated and thankful for all your kindness and support! Items received: 9 boxes from AaSP which included three Keurig’s, coffee, TRXs, and a lot of other items. We are setting conditions to deliver the socks to the Peshmerga. Sylvie, we received your boxes too. We appreciate the coffee, coffee creamer, Vitamin C supplement, Beef Jerky and the Girl Scout cookies which have been a big hit. We shared some of the Mardi Gras beads with the Kurdistan security team for the upcoming Kurdistan New Year holiday in March. Diane and Bill, appreciate the support with the Keurig’s. Ron, we appreciate the 6 TRX systems. Very helpful with the lack of gym equipment here. Truly appreciate you efforts in supporting the military and the team here in Erbil.