SMSgt P, AFG, 1 May 2015

We received a package here yesterday from your org and, though addressed to the person who was supposed to be here, but whose place I took, I wanted to convey my sincere thanks. I intend to send a separate message to the members spelled out in the letter you enclosed in the package. If you have a list of physical addresses handy, I’d prefer to physically write a note and send but if you don’t have that info readily available, I understand and will use the 21st century method. ;o)
I have spent a considerable amount of time in this part of the world and can assure you that the troops LOVE to receive things from home and really just the good ‘ole USA in general! I will ensure this package gets disseminated to our folks and let them know its origin as well. Again, thank you so much and have a GREAT day!